1. - A family shield for Ben!

  2.  - A colorful Egyptian Anubis tattoo for Heidi’s thigh!

  3. - A snowflake and Celtic knot for Kelly’s forearms!

  4. shaneacuff.com - Love how Tyler’s caduceus turned out! Got to do this in June on the trip back to Frederick, MD.

  5. - A crow for Dustin. Good luck on your journey!

  7.  - Cherry blossom rib . New style w/less detail. Finished in 4 hours.

  8. - Love the way this design fits her foot. Beautiful.

  9. - Proud of my friends who are rocking the marathons/triathlons lately. Stoked with this. Badge of honor for this runner. 

  10. shaneacuff.com - Experience a tattoo session through Shane’s eyes via Google Glass! 

  11. - Shane getting down on a sacred heart hand tattoo with Jason!

  12.  - Vintage heart locket wrist tattoo for Leslie! 

  13. shaneacuff.com/ - Introducing the Queen of the Underworld!

  14.  - The ocean is a dangerous place.

  15. Three Little Birds Forearm Half-sleeve for the coolest teacher we know!