1. - Just finished these matching turtle tattoos for some sisters a few days ago!

  2.  - Tree of Whimsy back tattoo from a few years ago.

  3.  - This little wraparound music bow wrist tattoo turned out quite lovely.

  4.  - Every day is a new day. Be like this phoenix sleeve and smile! 

  5. - Fortune favors the brave.

  6. - Good times at the Duke City Tattoo Fiesta last weekend!

  7.  - Each man’s life is unique. Tattoos tell our stories.

  8. shaneacuff.com   - Dig the poster for this weekend’s Duke City Tattoo Fiesta!

    JesseBob did a great job on the artwork. 

  9. shaneacuff.com - Some of the tattoos we’ve finished in the two years we’ve been open for business in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

  10. shaneacuff.comMade some progress on Josh’s wrap around torso timeline. We got the Rothschild’s two headed eagle and Columbus’s ship sailing toward the new world. Always follow the money.

  11. http://shaneacuff.com  - Love these type of projects. Best Friend Black Bird Tattoos. 

  12.  - A lovely Gold Ornament Rib Tattoo.

  13. shaneacuff.com/ - “A dream within a dream” upper back bird tattoo.

  14. shaneacuff.com - Love the way this Silver Lining Rib Tattoo fits her body. 

  15. shaneacuff.com - Cute little Sunset Heart Foot Tattoo.